You ever have a family member die or pass away?
You ever felt like you should have done this differently?

I am not a scientist, or nor can I say what goes on in the human brain, that make a person think this. I dealt with people passing away around me to know is that when someone dies someone is left hurting for that person loss. The way some people have dealt with the loss of a love one is share their memories that help ease the pain of that person being gone.
Some other people may go into a depression or regrets that they wish they could take it back for they have done. If you are at a young age and try to keep peace in the family. I will tell you this. You can’t do it alone. You need to let them do them, you do you, because in the end. Only one person knows what you truly going through that is yourself.
If you ever lost someone, I want to a moment for you to tell you I am sorry for your loss. As I learned time does not heal it only make you to adapt to things differently. A person death can change person point of view on things completely. If you ever blame yourself about it, just remember it is not your fault.
Things happen for a reason and sometimes we cannot control it. You may ask why I am writing this because it sad. Well I am passing my knowledge down to people that may be suffering for loss of someone or someone you grew attached to may have pass away. If you ever had a love one just up and left you, and your love one whom been has been there through it all with you, all sudden they are gone. I know that feeling all too well.
I will leave you with this, if you ever lose someone you are close to. Just remember they are happy and will proud of you. I am sure they are with you through spirit as my grandma and granddad are with me through theirs spirits.

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