Marianna and Fofo: an unbreakable friendship

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United in life and also in death. Marianna and Fofo: she is a 70-year-old from Sardinia; he is a 12 year old Maremma Shepherd. For 10 years the duo was inseparable. For love, they stayed together. And where there was one there was also the other.

A bond founded on mere presence, on life together. Marianna died a few days ago and, after only 4 hours later, her four-legged friend, Fofo, joined her.

Unbelievable that a dog can nurture feelings that only human beings should be able to manifest. The woman got him for company and the Maremma Shepherd has not endured his absence. His heart gave way and he reached his friend. How many men can love like Fofo?

It is likely that this morning the dog did not hear or seen his mistress dying of grief” the priest said during the funeral. “God created these man’s friends to help them on their journey of life.

After the woman’s death, Fofo¬†remained silent all the time. So maybe he understood that he would never come back, he went away and found him in a square in front of the house, without life. In the nearby church the funeral was celebrated.

The woman had lost a son 23 years ago, now she has risen to heaven with you. Fofo, the old Maremma shepherd, now put to rest from the duty he had previously done to watch over the sheep flock from his beloved mother.

“Fofo was sure he could not hear the voice of the woman who had given him love and company. He let himself go on the same day and now they are together. Good trip Marianna, good trip Fofo. “

An act of love that will remain forever like that of many animals, with a unique heart and dedication that men should learn too.

Dorina Pitondo

Dorina lives in Verona in Italy. She likes writing, updating and being updated.