Wonders they say, never ends as mysterious event happened all over the World. It was dramatic and shocking in Etete, GRA Benin City, when a woman by name Mrs. Aikhomu, a former Chief Inspector of Education in Irua, who was reported dead over a year ago, storms a party, sat, ate, drank and gisted with guests.
Narrating the shocking story, a former Chief Inspector of Education, Irua, Mr.Okoje Edede Christian who claimed to served under the woman, gave detailed encounter with her to Journalists on investigation.
Okojie who was sweating and shivering as as at of the time of the interview, said he got the shock of his life when he met the woman at the party of his mother in-law, sitting, drinking a bottle of Stout beer with one of his son’s inlaw.
According to Okojie, immediately the late woman, Mrs. Aikhomu saw him, she called him by his name and ask him how are you? and he replied, good.
Okojie said at a point, he was restless and no longer comfortable , thereafter, he quickly escused his in-law to find out from him where he knew the woman and that his inlaw told him that the late woman was his classmate.
He said before he left the party, he was now putting calls across to some of the staff’s of the late woman where she served, they said to him, why these questions when you knew she was late over two years ago. It was then he knew that she saw a GHOST. No one agrees inviting the late woman to the party.
Okojie narrated further that, as he continue to make calls on further inquiries about the woman, she mysteriously disappeared from the gathering.
A visit to the party venue by journalists, confirmed the story, while those interviewed said they would never forget the moment in life.

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