“If you knew clearly the meaning of balanced food and what it contains and how to get the full health from what you eat then you are a great person.” The normal person has unclear knowledge about the balanced food and doesn’t know if they eat the right food which able them to maintain the balance of their bodies and to perform all digestion, absorption, sports exercise and moderate breathing.
If you do not eat healthy food and accepted to be a normal person then you will not have the chance to enjoy a happy life and you will be an easy prey to diseases such as osteoporosis, anemia, and malnutrition. We cannot neglect the truth, which is “you are what you eat and what you eat is you”. If you eat balanced food your body will be stronger, your structure, your bones and your teeth as you will not be a prey for diseases. your food and everything you eat effect on your life and in your body different organs, therefore, it will reflect on your psychological state and happiness and psychological stability.

And know that health is not a free body of diseases but it is a good body and a good mind, From this point of view, our first means of doubling our productive capacity and increasing our capacity for education is to realize our understanding of life, our food and our health in particular. The human body is unique in its composition and the mechanics of its work, it cannot be compared to anything even with the latest computers. In the 21st century, nothing could be compared to it. In every part of it, there is a wonderful harmony and unison and an inner strength that enables it to overcome anything, so we have to supply it with the right power.

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